What are the leading trends in digital marketing for the year to come?

In the last several years, digital marketing has taken on a new look. Even more, of course, because of the pandemic, due to the death of third-party cookies. In addition, because of the advancement of technology.

Highlight on a few marketing trends


Nowadays, people are buying on D2C e-commerce because of the virus.The removal of third-party cookies alters the way in which data is collected. First-party cookies are king.

The majority of people rely on their smartphones to get answers quickly.

That's why they:

  • enjoy watching live videos on sites such as Instagram, YouTube, and Tik Tok (more than Netflix)
  • use voice search.
  • Read feature snippets instead of opening a website.
  • like to receive notifications about new products, promotions…

D2C E-commerce

People's purchasing habits have shifted as a result of the outbreak. Consumers want to buy directly from a business  without intermediaries.

Focus on providing a highly personalized experience throughout the entire customer journey, whether or not you use direct-to-consumer (D2C) e-commerce. Leads, consumers are expecting personalized messages, services, and a great experience.

Also, people today have more power. They look for information and compare it before purchasing a product or a service. They are not waiting for you.

E-commerce in direct-to-consumer (D2C) mode is when the manufacturer/producer sells directly to consumers from their website. A more traditional retail business model would follow in this manner. The manufacturer or producer to wholesaler to distributor to retailer to final consumer.

Direct-to-consumer e-commerce eliminates the intermediary completely. More than half (55%) of shoppers prefer to deal with brand manufacturers directly rather than with merchants, according to market research.

  • Experts on the platforms they use
  • Experts in a field or topic
  • Already have an engaged audience

Perform regressive research before selecting an influencer to see if your target audience and the influencer's audience are compatible.

Few other trends are

Live streaming is extremely popular with consumers since 2020. People spend three times longer watching live video than they do watch pre-recorded videos.

In addition, video is the most preferred method for consumers to learn about new products. After watching a video, consumers feel more comfortable making a purchase.

After the pandemic outbreak, the amount of live content on the internet grew by 13%. So make sure you’re making the most of live video content as well. To reach as many people as possible, you should post your content on as many different platforms as you can.

As you know, third-party cookies are no longer a reliable source of information on your leads or audience.

The solution: first-party cookies. Why? Becuse they are more accurate. Since the data is directly collected from the audience. First-party cookies assist marketers in improving accuracy and relevancy, reducing ad waste, and, ultimately, driving ROI.

According to PwC, voice search is preferred by 71% of customers over typing search queries. However, they use it for doing basic activities such as checking the weather or setting reminders. 

Furthermore, smartphone users conduct local searches by voice three times more often than by text.

Despite the fact that this manner of purchasing online is still in its infancy. Make sure to leverage it to get extra traffic

The use of mobile and voice search has increased. That has lead to customers and mobile users wanting the fastest information. Featured snippets are the answer. There is no need to click to have the information, “position zero” is better than being ranked first.. Nobody is sure how to do it exactly, but SEO practices are one of the best ways.

The use of email for marketing purposes is getting overused. Because most consumers these days are glued to their mobile devices, you may want to consider incorporating push notifications into your marketing plan. There is, however, a narrow line to be avoided. Customers should not be inundated with notifications all the time. Customers who stick with a brand are happy to receive notifications from them.

Just like the saying

"The Internet is going to change marketing before it changes almost anything else, and old marketing will die in its path."

~Seth Godin

Why not leave it to US ?

Technology, rules, and context are changing marketing. Do not wait too long to follow those changes. We're here to handle your marketing objectives, and we'll assist you in coping with the changes that are taking place.

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