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Who we are

OCM Services

Online Communications Management Services is a B2B  subsidiary growth agency, established in 2022.

We are located in the City of Surrey, B.C. Canada, serving Client Care engagement needs for local Community Organizations, as well as building and promoting population trust for Global Companies.

We are a unique Digital Marketing Company with expertise in developing and creating meaningful connections by interacting, engaging and motivating customers and people. 

We will give your business the recognition it deserves by engaging, sharing, interacting and promoting your company online within various Social Media platforms. 

We are committed to building up the TRUST and REPUTATION that your business deserves.

What We Do

We radiate a dynamic relationship and connections with your audience through persona online engagements. We align our own character of trust, integrity, positive attitude and mindfulness to build up truthworthiness and your company reputation, starting with people. We believe that engaging with people who visit you on Social Media platforms is the first step for inspiring your potential users to become customers, clients, supporters, staff, students, or whatever your activities require. We actively engage with people through online private or public groups, chat groups, comments, focus groups, webinars, seminars, meetings and other forms of engagement to know, motivate and influence positive attitudes, for the purpose of building trust and reputation for your company, organization or agency.


We believe that building people's trust directly impacts your business's reputation. We believe that reputation promotes profitable growth. WE OFFER: Customer Care and Client Service Engagement. Social Media Engagement. Text Messaging. Emails. Chat Boxes. Online Support. Trust Building.

Our Policy

Each Company is unique. This is why we design plans, policies and proceedures specific to your objectives, which meet all security and privacy laws, regulations and legal requirements. Whatever you want to accomplish with- in a given time frame, we are here to help.