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The fines imposed for these violations are forwarded to the driver’s home in the United States to request payment. For definitive legal guidance or to contest a fine, you should consult a lawyer licensed to practice in Italy.See the U.S. Embassy of Rome’s transportation page for more information. If you are stopped, under certain conditions you are expected to pay the police officer issuing the ticket immediately. Local police can confiscate your car if you cannot pay the fine. The U.S. Embassy maintainsa list of doctors and hospitals.

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  • With fluctuating weather in the months of spring, layers are an absolute must!
  • Tickets may be purchased at tobacco stores or kiosks or, in some cities, via Apps or SMS.
  • Sorry for the confusion about the forms – the self-certification health form I think might be an old term so I’ll update that in our post.
  • When to VisitTips & Travel trends to help you pick the perfect time to visit this destination.

Do check the visa requirements for your country of nationality before departing. Note – this is mainly a packing list for women, but applies places to play airsoft near me to men too. I have also given some tips for packing if you are traveling with kids. There are a few things to know about packing for Italy. In this article, we share our top packing tips and our ultimate Italy packing list so you are organized for your trip in 2022.

Please see the section in our post labeled “What Covid testing options are available for travelers returning to the U.S.? Whether pushing the trip back to June will make much difference is hard to say. I’ve shared a bit about my philosophy on canceling/rescheduling trips here. We are planning to travel to Italy ourselves in September-October.

The latter can cut longer journey times in half, although on shorter routes don’t save that much time. If you travel on a faster service without the right ticket, you’re liable for an on-the-spot fine (up to €50). Validate tickets using the yellow machines on train platforms. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you certainly can’t see it in one.

Plan To Spend Some Time Eating

People here wear masks when/where required and for the most part, respect the rules. Visitors need to follow the rules too – for example, if you don’t have the Green Pass here, you can’t sit down in an indoor restaurant. Owners don’t distinguish between locals and tourists – everyone has to have their Green Pass scanned or checked. People seeking health care overseas should understand that medical systems operate differently from those in the United States and are not subject to the same rules and regulations. Anyone interested in traveling for medical purposes should consult with their local physician before traveling and visit theU.S. Centers for Disease Control and Preventionwebsite for more information on Medical Tourism.

Who Needs A Schengen Visa To Enter Italy?

Do check the products are made locally though and not cheap imports. Italy’s main attractions are incredibly popular and it is not uncommon to wait in lines for up to 3 hours to buy a ticket. For this reason we recommend booking skip the line entrance tickets in advance.

I going to an outdoor wedding in June and its in Sorrento. Guys 30 and under wear shorts but those older do not in the cities. Metallic or beaded sneakers were popular with women and in store windows. I am a planner and all these thisngs will help as we are booked for a week to Italy (Rome & Venice) then a Med cruise in October of 2023. Avoid oversized, heavy luggage if you plan to use trains, buses, or budget flights as storage space is limited. You should be able to maneuver through train stations with ease.

If you still need to make plans or are looking for things to do while you are there, visit our Italy page or our article on planning a trip to Italy. I would not describe myself as a light traveller but over the years I have learnt to leave some things behind. These are items that I rarely use, are heavy or can be found easily at your destination. Over the years I have learnt the hard way that if you pack 4 pairs of pants, you will only wear two of them. I use a week long trip as a baseline for how many items to pack. ✔︎ Tickets and documents – I like to keep as much travel information as I can online.

Pretty much anything you’d want to do as a tourist right now requires the Green Pass. It’s our goal to provide regular updates here from real people on the ground, to help potential visitors know what to expect. 👃 Covid self-test – The most studied rapid antigen self-test with FDA emergency authorization.NOT valid to enter countries.

How To Apply For An Italian Short

In fact, it’s so packed with possibilities that it can almost overwhelm. The United States Government does not plan to provide COVID-19 vaccinations to private U.S. citizens overseas. Please follow host country developments and guidelines for COVID-19 vaccination. The Department of State’s Level 2 Travel Advisory recommends that Americans exercise increased caution due to terrorism. Effective from May 1, 2022,it is no longer mandatory to show a Green Pass to access businesses and services in Italy. Therefore, free access to local and national public transportation, bars and restaurants, shops, museums, theaters, cinemas, stadiums, gyms, spas, etc.

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