Controversial Shooting Range North Of Woodland Park Remains In Limbo

Depending on where you park, there may be a charge. Just before Mile 3, you’ll proceed through Hell Gate and past Ruxton Park. To your left will be Pilot’s Knob Mountain as you continue up the rails.

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  • ​Restrooms are available along the Pikes Peak highway and at the summit of Pikes Peak.
  • Perennial wildflowers are also common at this altitude, but rarely grow more than a couple inches tall.
  • Unique souvenir water bottles will quench your thirst and can be found at our large gift shop on the platform level.
  • Pikes Peak – Summit Visitor Center Updates With the construction of its brand-new Summit Visitor Center, there’s a lot to look forward to on your next visit to Pikes Peak-America’s Mountain.
  • Prices start at $58 per adult and $48 for kids 12 and under.
  • While it may be hot in Colorado Springs, the summit of Pikes Peak may be 40 degrees colder with gusty winds.

The Catamount Trail is more difficult than the Crags, but it’s much shorter than Barr, at just 6 miles round trip. It’s rated moderately difficult, so it’s probably best to leave the kiddos at home, but if you’ve got a trusty dog, he might enjoy the experience. Neither of these paths will bring you all the way up.

In 2018, construction crews broke ground on the new replacement for the Summit House, the Pikes Peak Summit Complex. One special requirement of the project was for the Summit House to remain open during construction of the Summit Complex to keep donuts available to anyone who reaches the summit. Greg Howard, president of the Pikes Peak Chapter of the Colorado Restaurant Association, previews the Springs’ biggest food and beverage event. Summit House chef Jacob Leithner makes doughnuts at the new Pikes Peak Summit Complex using the old recipes from the 1920s during a June 14 media event.

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Place roast into crock pot and layer vegetables … The Insider’s Guide to Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region, from the best hiking trails, things to do and restaurants to arts, music, festivals and more. Located on the way to the top, Summit House welcomes visitors with a gift shop, snacks , sandwiches, salads, coffee and more.


When members of the colony are feeding or basking in the sun, one of the them stands watch for predators. And, if a predator is seen, they let out a sharp chirp or whistle to alert the other members of the colony. In fact, this sound is so distinct, the marmot has earned the nickname Whistle Pig.

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This section is 6 ½ miles long with over 3,500 feet of elevation gain. Plan for this to take between 4 and 7 hours to complete. If driving to the trailhead, you’ll have to pay to park.

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If you choose to hike, bring plenty of water as there is nowhere to fill up along the trail. Point your wheels to the Pikes Peak Highway to reach Pikes Peak, the only 14,000-foot peak in Colorado that you can drive all the way up to the summit. You’ll cruise a stunning 19 miles up Pikes Peak, beginning at 7,400 feet and ending at the top of the 14,115-foot summit. It’s one of North America’s most visited mountains, and for good reason.

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In fact, one Pika may have several of these stacks within their feeding area of a half an acre. Their survival also depends on their ability to avoid predators such as hawks, eagles, owls and weasels. One of the most magnificent creatures you might be able to see at these elevations is Colorado’s state mammal – the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. Known for their incredible balance and their uncanny ability to scale vertical cliff faces, the bighorn is one of the most elusive to see and photograph.

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