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Leningrad and Stalingrad, restaurant mit garten the country’s second and third cities after Moscow, had been left in ruins after sieges and battles lasting several years. In addition, while the USSR had recaptured all territory that had been occupied by the Germans, there were concerns over the integrity of the nation’s population. Collaboration with the Germans had been widespread in the occupied territories, especially in Ukraine, and it is estimated that around one million Soviet men joined the German Army or SS.

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  • James holds a BA in Politics and Modern History from the University of Manchester, in the UK.
  • A massive defensive operation was put in place to defend Moscow as the Germans advanced.
  • These counterattacks were possible because the density of Russian troops in these sectors was then 1 Battle Group per 20 km of front.
  • In the period between the mid-1950s and 1960s, the Art of Socialist realism was approaching its apex.

Figure 4—Not all Russians support the special operation in Ukraine, but three quarters of the population do. Ukrainian war crimes, Western sanctions and the good management of the economy by the Russian authorities explain this support. The problem is that our journalists have neither culture nor journalistic discipline and they replace them with their own beliefs.

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The approval ratings given by the Levada Centre (considered by the Russian authorities as a “foreign agent”) show that public opinion has tightened around Vladimir Putin and the Russian government. In January 2022, Vladimir Putin’s approval rating was 69% and the government’s was 53%. Today, Putin’s approval rating has been stable at around 83% since March, and the government’s is at 71%. In January, 29% did not approve of Vladimir Putin’s decisions, in July it was only 15%. In addition, the sanctions have brought China and Russia, both targeted by the West, closer together.

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According to Ukrainian media, Zelensky could dismiss General Valery Zoluzhny by appointing him Minister of Defence. Secondly, there is the way our media portray the evolution of the conflict. Ukraine is a huge country and small-scale maps hardly show the differences from one day to another.

As the majority of our books are ex-library they are well bound, in good, clean condition and ideally suited for study and research. Our books cover a huge range of academic disciplines from Mathematics, Science and Philosophy to Art and Literature as well as many works in other European languages. Vladimir Lenin’s Life This led to a period of tolerance in which artists, musicians, and composers enjoyed much freedom.

Since the beginning of the Russian offensive, we can distinguish two ways of conducting the war. On the Ukrainian side, the war is waged in the political and informational spaces, while on the Russian side the war is waged in the physical and operational space. This is a situation that I described in 2003 in my book, La guerre asymétrique ou la défaite du vainqueur . The trouble is that at the end of the day, the reality of the terrain prevails. Fourthly, the West and Ukraine have created a misleading picture of their adversary. In France, Switzerland and Belgium, none of the military experts on television have any knowledge of military operations and how the Russians conduct theirs.

They still have discriminatory policies towards their ethnic Russians that are far from European values, and they behave like immature agents provocateurs. I think that if Putin were to disappear for some reason, the conflicts with these countries would take on a new dimension. Today, China is the main provider of infrastructure in the Third World. In particular, its way of interacting with African countries is more in line with the expectations of these countries.

Stalin’s portrait gazes down from above as the villagers relax in the sun. The state-sanctioned artistic style became known as Socialist Realism. Will usually post within 2 business days of receiving cleared payment.

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